MODVIGIL: Treating you of Excessive Sleep Disorder

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Modvigil is a version of modafinil. Both Modvigil and Modafinil are made with the same formulation. It affects the CNS and helps the patient to stay awake by providing them high mental state arousal.

Patients that are going through sleep disorder due to narcolepsy are suggested to take Modvigil dosage as consulted by their physician or doctors. This medication can also treat troubled breathing during sleep.

Other sleep disorders like work shift disorder, obstructive sleep disorder are also treated by modvigil tablets. Patients are requested not to increase or decrease the dosage on their own without consulting their doctors. Modvigil has the tendencies to be addictive. Buy Modvigil 200mg


Modvigil promotes the state of wakefulness in patients who undergo sleep disorder of excessive sleepiness. An excessive sleeping disorder like narcolepsy, work shift disorder, etc., is treated by these medicines.

The Modvigil tablets help the patient to stay wakeful during work hours. It is advised to take the tablets once in a day and increase the dosage accordingly later as consulted. Modvigil tablets, however, shouldn’t be used to keep the patient awake at sleep hours or while he/she is tired. It should only be given during work hours.


It is strictly recommended to consume the tablets as guided by the physician. The patient should not increase or decrease the dosage without consulting. All the instructions should be followed as prescribed. The tablets should be taken once (150 mg) in a day or twice (200 gm) as advised. Modvigil tablets may be addictive.

The patient should inform the doctor if he/she has any allergies towards any content of the medicine. If the patient is allergic to armodafinil, then this medication should not be recommended. A couple of aftereffects can be observed. Side effects are likely to lessen with continuous usage.


If the patient has missed a dosage, he/she can take it as soon as they remember it. If the next dosage is sooner, the medicine should be taken accordingly. It is suggested not to take the tablets too late or the patient experiences sleeping troubles during sleep hours. It helps to reduce sleepiness during work hours only.


In case a person is found or seen to overdose the tablets, then one should consult the doctor immediately.


The use of Modvigil may or may not have side effects. However, with the continued dosage, the side effects decrease gradually. The patient needs to understand that the doctor has recommended the medication because they realize that the benefits of the tablets are more than the side effects caused by it. So if the side effects worsen, the patient should immediately stop the medication and inform the physician. The patient should inform the doctor if he/she has any allergies concerning any content of the medicine.

Side effects may be as follows:-

  1. Skin reactions
  2. Troubled breathing
  3. Swelling in body parts
  4. Chest pain
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Reduces alertness
  7. Irregular heart beating
  8. Headache
  9. Dizziness
  10. Nausea
  11. Fatigue
  12. Fever and chills
  13. Hypersensitivity.
  14. Might be addictive


The following precaution should be taken while in taking Modvigil tablets:-

  1. This medication reduces the ability to react quickly. Thus, it is safer if the patient avoids doing any work that requires high alertness such as driving, machinery, etc., it is risky to get involved in any work that requires a high state of alertness.
  2. The tablets or dosage should not be increased or decreased without getting consulted.
  3. If the patient is allergic to armodafinil, then the patient should be recommended this medication.
  4. Pregnant women should not be consuming this medicine strictly. Taking this medicine could affect the fetus.
  5. It may be addictive.
  6. Modvigil works by targeting the CNS. So in taking or consuming any alcohol or drug can be very harmful to the patient.
  7. Smoking affects the body system wisely.

The tablets should not be given to the patient during sleep hours or to hold the patient is tired. It is only prescribed during working hours. Buy Modvigil 200mg


So we can conclude that modafinil is an effective medicine that can cure extreme sleepiness and any other sleeping disorders. It helps to maintain a normal sleep routine for patients suffering from sleep disorders. Modafinil helps to keep the patients awake by controlling there sleeping cycle. There are several precautions that the patients need to pursue before taking medicine, modafinil. The overdose of medication should be neglected to avoid the side effects of the drug. The dosage of the medication should be followed strictly to get affected results. The dosage of the medicine is divided into morning and evening dosage that should be taken by the patient every day.